The Prettiest Handwritten Fonts

Not all fonts are created equal.  And while there are a LOT of handwritten fonts out there, only a few can actually be called pretty.  Here are my top picks:

Most of these are premium fonts that need to be purchased, but a couple of them are actually free.  As you can see, my personal preference is for fonts with clean lines, even kerning, and distinct strokes.  Some of these, like Carolyna Pro and Bombshell Pro, also have stylistic alternates and swashes that you can access with open-type aware programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.  With those fonts, the possibilities for styling are endless!  If  you like to design your own stationery or logo, you really have to invest in premium fonts.



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    Oh ok.. Yes my real name is Rambo and you can check me on google for proof and here I am commenting on a a girly blog specifically on a super girly post showcasing suuuper girly fonts.. How ironic was that Pat? 😉 Oh well I can’t help but to like your writing style and the clean girly look of your website.

    From your fellow web designer from Manila :)

    Oh btwI just followed you on Twitter

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